Steve Price

Opposite are some notes that I have used succesfully with people doing navigation and seamanship courses. Please feel free to download them! 

 Steve Price joined the Royal Naval Reserve in 1983 and subsequently enjoyed an eleven year career as a seaman officer specialising in navigation, mine sweeping and gunnery. During this time he completed a Ph.D at Liverpool Polytechnic developing innovative anti-grounding and pilotage software for an experimental electronic charting system sponsored by Kelvin Hughes. After a period at Nottingham University as tutor to the M.Sc in Navigation Technology, he later went on to work for the UK Sea Fish Industry Authority in chart database development for the fishing industry. For two years subsequently, he owned and operated a former pilot launch as a charter vessel in the River Humber before moving to France. He specialises in tutoring and mentoring seamanship and navigation students and can also provide advice on social and professional issues encountered at sea.

Steve manages this site and can be contacted via Facebook or Linkedin.

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