Call The Captain

Call the Captain is a free social networking site and training club aimed at providing mutual career support for professional yachtsmen. The way it works is that experienced personnel give a little of their time to more junior members of the profession in an advisory, coaching or mentoring capacity.

We appreciate that yachting can provide some pretty high 'highs' and very low 'lows' due to the fragmented nature of the industry and the social isolation that small crews face. So if you would like someone independent to have a look at your CV, give you some jobhunting tips or give advice on a social situation, this is the place to look.

Some of our tutors may also be willing to help out with coursework revision, private tuition or other types of coaching. Please check directly with them.

On a more serious note there may be occasions when you might need to confidentially share a problem before making a tough decision. We know from experience that a problem shared is a problem halved.  The overall objective is to provide a collegiate social environment whereby, through mutual professional support, standards can be raised and maintained in a comfortable and secure manner. We believe that this form of mutual professional support is the moral duty of every seafarer especially as it relates to the Safety of Life at Sea.

If in doubt: Call The Captain!