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A new company, Seabird are now taking orders! 

AquaVenture WaterCrafts has recently introduced the SeaBird towable submersible, the fastest, best maneuvering, and least expensive classed, personal sub in the world! Our patent-pending tow and control system delivers the power of internal combustion to an underwater vessel. ‘Flown” with a joystick, SeaBird is fully controllable within a cone behind it’s towing vessel, and can maneuver as aggressively as a jet fighter or as smoothly as a luxury auto. And because it has no propulsion system of its own, it’s also the least expensive ABS classed sub available!

Passengers can take control of SeaBird in the first few moments of their dive and see the underwater world as few ever have, in dry, air conditioned, one atmosphere comfort (which means no pressure on the ears or any of the many other issues that makes SCUBA unpleasant or impossible for some). ABS classification makes it as safe as your existing boats, and SeaBird is available, literally at a small fraction of the cost of other personal subs. Use it as a package with your other boats, or rent it out separately -- SeaBird will make you money and bring you customers to your other offerings. You can see more about SeaBird at our website: or feel free to contact me directly: